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Choosing Hardwood Floors for Your Bedrooms

We generally think of carpet as the go-to option when remodeling a bedroom in a Virginia home. While this works for some people, we’ve found that hardwood floors tend to work better for many situations. Why might you want to think about getting hardwood floors installed in your bedrooms? We’ve got a few excellent (and practical) reasons.

Hardwood Floors & Durability

Whether you’re careful or not, the truth is that everyone eventually stains carpeting. Maybe it’s your kids. Perhaps it’s your dog. For us, it’s that inevitable glass of red wine after a long day. If you’ve had your carpet a few years, you know what we’re talking about. So when it comes time to start looking around Chantilly for some inspiration for your home renovation, think durability. We have yet to find a homeowner who regretted taking that step up in redesigning their home. The installation is faster than you might think, too!

With carpets, the dangers aren’t limited to human error, either. Leaks and other miniature home disasters tend to kill carpets faster than you can blink. It’s tough to dry them out, and even worse when it comes to odors. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, have been known to be the last standing part of a dilapidated structure. And no matter how sturdy the carpet, you’ll be replacing them every 5-10 years. While hardwood floors do require some level of maintenance, it’s not something you need to bring in a professional for.

Styling Hardwood Floors

Here’s where things get more fun! Hardwood floors are wonderful to design a room around. If you’re remodeling, take a look at some of those beautiful new Virginia homes. To avoid cold feet in the morning when stepping out of bed, most opt for a rug to go underneath the bed. The beauty of this layout is the flexibility it provides over time. Whether you like to shake things up depending on the season or change your design aesthetic every few years, you suddenly have options.

Hardwood floors are surprisingly neutral, fitting into most trends. Are you feeling the rustic vibe like one of our Westpark Supplies customers above? The beautiful hardwood fits right in just as well with a modern industrial look. Maybe you want to try to swap out your old bedroom set for mid-century modern furniture. The hardwood floors pair beautifully with any trend over time.

If you have any questions about getting hardwood floors for your Virginia bedroom remodel, feel free to reach out to us at Westpark Supplies.

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