//What You Need to Know About Interior Molding

What You Need to Know About Interior Molding

Are you remodeling a home in the Virginia area? Chances are you’ve had to learn a whole new set of vocabulary. Things like soffit and surround are suddenly important terminology. Well, the learning doesn’t stop there! Today we’ll take a dive into the specifics of interior molding and what you need to know.

Though it may seem like a small detail, molding plays a big role in both the aesthetics and functionality of your home. Most people grow up knowing what baseboards are. Probably because it’s so easy to have little kids be the ones to clean so close to the floor! When you start tackling a home renovation, you begin to learn that that’s not the only place you’ll find molding. Keep reading for more on these little design choices that pack a big punch.

Molding Lets You Be Lazy

Have you ever finished laying tile in the bathroom and wondered about those slightly uneven edges at the wall? How about that spot where the door stop used to bang into. Molding is great for evening out the rougher edges or gaps where two design elements meet. Read: you can be just a little bit lazier right at the end.

Even better, molding is often easily replaced when installing correctly. That spot your kid always kicks or your puppy chewed? Easy to pull off and replace. Chair molding is just like baseboards, but it’s meant to prevent the tops of your chairs from banging into your harder-to-fix wall.

Less Cleaning with More Molding

Okay, so maybe this is just a continuation of our last point, but we felt it deserved its own little section. As decorative and beautiful as ceiling trim is, it’s also highly functional. Avoid those hard-to-clean spaces above your cabinets with a little bit of molding like in the above kitchen. It helps you mind the gap, as it were.

Let Oversized Molding Play Its Part

You don’t have to just stare at some pretty interior trim, you can use it too! Larger window versions are a great place to put plants or other decorations. Don’t be afraid to play around with different sizes and designs, either. The beauty of molding is in its replaceability and versatility.

Make An Entrance

We mean this one pretty literally. If you have a bare and boring doorway or closet, consider picture frame style casing to highlight the doorway. It’ll also prevent the corners of the drywall from getting damaged. Molding is much easier to replace than drywall in the long run!

If you’re planning a home remodel in the Virginia area, consider reaching out to us at Westpark Supplies for all your home’s needs.

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