//Trends in Interior Moulding

Trends in Interior Moulding

When remodeling a home, what projects do you think of first? There are the high-impact ones, like changing appliances or repainting walls. There are the functional ones, such as changing out the carpeting or refinishing the floors. And then there are those little details that bring it all together. If you’re thinking of sprucing up your Virginia home, don’t forget the importance of a bit of interior moulding to really elevate the space. Here are some trends that are popping up in new builds and professionally renovated houses this year.

Functional But Not Flashy

Now, we’re not saying you can’t play around with dramatic interior moulding (quite the opposite) but it doesn’t need to be the star of the show. If you’ve decided to have strong design aesthetics shine through in other parts of the room, you can feel it all in a bit with the baseboards and crown moulding. This allows the room to breathe and for those facets to draw the eye. There’s nothing worse than a clashingly busy design aesthetic. Just remember that interior moulding does serve a purpose in interior construction. It allows seamless transitions between walls and floors, and it protects window sills from chipping at the edges.

Mix It Up

You don’t have to always be so matchy-matchy with your details. Check out the white crown interior moulding from Westpark Supplies above paired with the natural wood kitchen cabinets. The white helps space feel more open and less oppressive, drawing the eye upward. Now, imagine if it had been the same wood tone. Not so great, right? Even a little bit dated. A variety of wood tones are trending this year, especially lighter shades like ash. How chic would that look with a cool white crown and baseboard set?

Interior Moulding Cabinetry Trim

You can find a million examples of this splashed across Pinterest and design shows. Cabinetry trim is both beautiful, as with the sweet cream Virginia kitchen above outfitted by Westpark, and functional. No more swiffering those hard to get spots above the cabinets, either. We all know it’s not just dust that lives up there. You can really get creative with this type of interior moulding, adding embellishments and extra details. Kitchens are often a great place to let your creativity reign. They can get a little drab and boring without someone actively trying to spice them up.

If you have any questions about interior moulding resources, advice and information in the Virginia area, please feel free to reach out to us at Westpark Supplies.

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