//Pros and Cons of Tile Flooring

Pros and Cons of Tile Flooring

If you’re remodeling a Virginia home, you’re likely making plenty of pros and cons lists. It’s a great way to determine everything from your personal style to the most cost-effective choices. While your own lists are likely a mile long, it can never hurt to take a new option into consideration when the situation calls for it. That’s where tile flooring can come in and be a game-changer for you and your home. If you’ve found yourself drowning in hardwood and laminate samples, unable to make a decision, a tile floor may be just the ticket.

Pro: Tile & Water Aren’t Enemies

Unlike with hardwood floors, tile is perfect for the kitchen and bathroom. You don’t have to rush to clean up a spill or panic about whether an acidic tomato sauce will affect the finish. If you have kiddos, this can even be a great option throughout the rest of the house. They can paint to their heart’s content, you can drink your red wine, and no one needs to yell about shoes in the house.

Con: Tile Flooring Can Be a Colder Material

To be honest, this isn’t really even a downside come the summer months. In the winter though, some people may find tile to be too cold to step on directly first thing in the morning. Most find that a kitchen mat in front of the sink does the job of keeping your toes warm when you need it.

Pro: Tile Flooring is Easily Replaceable

Easy in, easy out. And back in again. In the event of a damaged floor, you can easily replace a single tile with just a bit of work. And unlike hardwood, getting the old tile out isn’t too much of a hassle. Sure, you might need a handy chisel, but that’s almost the fun part! You can just keep a few replacement tiles on hand in the garage to swap out. They don’t take up much space and you don’t have to hunt down the exact shade of tan later.

Con: Tile Flooring Can Feel Hard On Feet

This is another issue that can be solved with a few (easily washed) rugs. Since tile is grouted directly to a hard surface below, it doesn’t have much give. It might only be a problem if you have family members who spend too long in front of the bathroom mirror — we’re looking at you, teenagers.

If you’re interested in a look at all your flooring options, tile included, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are in Chantilly, Virginia.

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