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What types of showerheads are there?
The showerhead is an essential product in our home decoration, so do you know the brand of the showerhead? What are the types of showerheads? What are the brands of showerheads? What do you know about the shower head brands? Here are some introductions about showerhead Models. Find out!
What types of showerheads are there!

Type of shower head
1. Double-handle shower faucet: The handles are separated to connect cold water and hot water. For example, the left hand is hot water, and the right side is cold water. After rotating the device, the amount of water is controlled to adjust the water temperature.
2. Single handle shower faucet: Use a single handle to turn the cloth to change the water output of hot and cold water, and adjust the water temperature with each other.
3. Wall-mounted shower faucet: It is installed on the wall, and all parts of the faucet body, water separator, and connecting pillars are exposed on the wall.
4. In-wall shower faucet: Only the handle protrudes from the wall, and most of the pipes and water traps connected to the valve are bury in the wall, which cannot be seen from the outside.

Showers & Shower Fixtures

Remodeling the bath is one of the most popular

projects and a big part of that are getting the right shower and tub fixtures to both match the new decor and provide you with the most economical hot shower possible.

A handheld showerhead is a must-have for any remodeled bath. A tub and shower faucet combo offers you a traditional showerhead when you want it and the convenience of a handheld for even more control. They come in handy when you need a little more water pressure on a sore muscle, but they are also ideal for cleaning the tub and washing the dog too.
Style Matters

If you prefer clean lines and bright lights, look for modern shower fixtures to bring the room together. Some showerheads offer multiple jets, and some include LED lights to set the mood. More traditional styles offer bronze and brushed nickel finishes. Wholesale showerheads supplies are also available as part of a shower and tub fixture package. These use less water, but you’ll never know it.
Shower Stalls

Now that you have the bathroom shower fixtures all picked out, it’s time to find the perfect shower to go around it. If you have the room, separate shower stalls are an excellent addition to any bath. These let you walk right in without stepping over the side of the tub, which can be a big help to those with limited mobility. Showerhead surround in both bright and frosted glass or acrylic.

If your shower is part of your tub, one quick way to get a new look is with a new sliding or hinged shower door.

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