//Know When to Replace Your Interior Doors

Know When to Replace Your Interior Doors

Are you remodeling a home in the Chantilly area? Virginia houses have beautiful architectural features, but it’s difficult to avoid the wear and tear that comes with time. Whether you have a sprawling 1960’s ranch style in Green Briar or a newer home in Cedar Hunt, you may need to consider whether your interior doors are ready for replacing. But what are the signs of old interior doors? And how do you go about choosing new ones? These questions often depend on your individual situation as well as your personal aesthetic. Do you have louder children in the home? Are you renovating with a certain design theme in mind? Has your home settled over time? The team here at Westpark will walk you through some of the finer points of knowing when to replace those interior doors, and suggest a few design options.

The Ill Fitting Interior Door

Maybe your home has settled since it was first built. Perhaps you’ve had problems with the hinges. Some renovators will replace the flooring in a home, going from a high pile carpet to low profile laminate or wood. These are all issues that lead to ill-fitting interior doors. A crooked hang is one of the more common problems, but a large gap at the bottom can happen as well. Consider replacing these age-worn doors with one like the sturdier option above. The two surface mounted hinges and split jamb will do a better job at staying straight and aligned over time.

The Mismatched Interior Doors

We’re big fans of those eclectic Virginia homes, but not every mismatched door makes the cut, aesthetically. In fact, they can be occasionally a downright eyesore. If you have longer hallways, like in many ranch style homes — or clustered bedroom doors — the odd doors out will be immediately apparent. Finding affordable replacement interior doors becomes even more important, since you may be replacing more than one. The above model from Westpark is the perfect combination of quality and affordability.

The Downright Damaged Doors

Sometimes you just have those days. Your alarm never went off, something is burning in the kitchen, and you’re late for work. While you’re hopping around struggling just to get your pants on, you take a bit of a misstep and manage to put a sizable dent in your already ragged-looking bedroom door. You’d be amazed at how long people will avoid repairs like this because they assume it’s too difficult! With experienced help, you can have a new interior door like the one above in absolutely no time.

If you have any questions about quality interior doors for your Virginia home, please feel free to reach out to us at Westpark Supplies.

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