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Interior Moulding: The Unsung Hero

First, we should note that moulding covers a wide range of actual home decor pieces. Between the baseboards resting on the floor and crown moulding kissing the ceiling lies a world of possibilities. And that’s not even counting the non-standard uses of it! Oh, and we aren’t even touching outdoor moulding today, either. We did mention it’s an unsung hero of many a room, right?

If you’re thinking of doing a bit of safe and easy remodeling of your home, take a peek at some of these moulding options. While they may be small, they pack a mighty decor punch. And the options are endless! You can even combine mouldings to create a unique home that reflects your personality and design aesthetic.

Pure Functionality of Moulding

Thinking of moulding as solely a decorative accent downplays its importance in a room. Functionally, it can help protect many of the more delicate parts of your home. It helps prevent water damage from spills or (the annual…) mopping. Chair railing offers even more protection to some of the overlooked spots for dings and scrapes on a wall. The dining room above is a great example of this. You can say a big thanks no thanks on that drywall patch project this weekend.

Changing a Space

Moulding is paintable, easily replaceable, and relatively inexpensive. Have you gone through an Italian Renaissance of your own recently? French bohemian? Country farmhouse? Traditional European? If you don’t wish to wed yourself to a design aesthetic permanently, consider adding flair to the room with moulding. While it can easily last for years to come, it can also be replaced as a weekend project. You can even add shape and fanciful touches to a child’s room without committing to a garish paint color.

Change Dimensions of a Room with Moulding Alone

Make a room appear taller with small but interesting crown moulding. Separate rooms, especially dining areas, in an open floor plan with chair railing. Highlight a beautiful interior door with framing moulding. Use lighter tones to expand a space, or darker to create a moody ambience. While we’re stuck with the standard decor uses of moulding, feel free to get creative! And the best part is the low price tag attached to this wow-worthy design piece.

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