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Achieving a Chic Bathroom on a Budget with Tile

Have you thought recently about your design aesthetic? Modern home renovators can often be described as wanting Pottery Barn on an IKEA budget with heavy influences from Joanna Gaines. Seems difficult, right? With a dependable supplier, you can actually achieve the impossible with your home renovation, though. Starting in rooms that get the heaviest use is a great way to achieve that high impact remodel. What’s more useful than the bathroom, after all? And with affordable but chic tile options, you can aim high with your aesthetic without blowing your budget.

Nix the Shower Kit with Tiles

You remember the ever-present shower kits. In fact, you likely still have one taking up a mountain of space in your bathroom now. This single-piece units eventually turn into eyesores as trends change throughout the decades. It can feel nearly impossible to achieve a beautiful bathroom with one of these taking of valuable floor and wall space. If you’re ready to say goodbye, replacing it with a tile shower or bath nook is a beautiful way to enter this century.

Cohesive Looks with Tile

Since you can lay tile on any flat surface, this allows for a cohesive, even monochromatic look. Whether you go for a warmer shade like the one above, cooler whites or even darker versions, the tile medium lends itself well to bridging the gaps between room features.

Separating with Tile

If, on the other hand, you prefer demarcated areas, you can use tile for that that look too. The above design is a little bit retro-futuristic, but it also has areas whose separate purpose can be identified just by the tile work. Another option would be to tile the shower a complementary color from the rest of the room, like a soothing blue while the rest of the room is white.

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